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About Us

Does your child need some extra support in school?

Are they having trouble focusing or losing interest in his/her homework?

Tutoring is successful because it provides one-on-one, individualized instruction. All sessions are held in a safe, public facility away from home distractions.

We specialize in grades K-College in the areas of reading, writing, math and working with children with dyslexia.


Ages 4-7

Pre-K and TK programs are geared towards preparing students for kindergarten.

Kindergarten and 1st grade programs are academically based and will help students maintain their knowledge of material already introduced in class, along with introducing new goals.

Child playing and learning
Homeschool Main


Programs developed to foster a love of learning, while engaging with other students.

Our programs will help students master concepts keeping them on track in school and preparing them for the next grade level.

Summer Camps

Created for all ages and abilities.

All camps are taught by our amazing tutors in our center who are passionate about educating children in our community.

Summer Camps
Summer Programs

Summer Tutoring

Summer programs developed to ensure your child does not fall behind and is ready for the upcoming school year.

We are dedicated to your child’s academic success!

Making The Difference

During our one hour sessions, we employ hands-on learning techniques to keep your child engaged and make learning fun!

We work one-on-one with your child to help them grow academically and grow their self-confidence. We pride our tutoring family on being able to reach children and teach them the skills they need to confidently pursue success.

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Our tutoring company has been working with families in the surrounding Brentwood, CA areas since 2010. We are happy to announce that we have our own tutoring center located at 1300 Central Blvd. Brentwood. 

We offer extra support in-person and virtually. 

Our sessions are available Monday-Friday in the afternoon and evenings.

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